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The Recovery Sleeping Night Care leaves skin able to breathe, bouncy and revived from the first morning. After just 1 month, fine lines and wrinkles are reduced; skin is fortified and looks healthy and glowing.

Found in our Botanical Elixir, Micro-Algae and Nasturtium from Bretagne, France stimulate the skin cells oxygenation and detoxification(1). Active ingredients sourced from local Bretagne-based suppliers that respect the biodiversity.

Its +: Its gel texture.

- Protection against polluting particles (2)
- 14% less wrinkles after 28 days on 84% of subjects (3)
- 10% more skin density on 90% of subjects (4)
- 88% of subjects claim that their skin is long-lastingly hydrated (5)

How to use: Apply every evening Take a small dose and apply across the entire face using smoothing movements from the center outwards.

Dermatologically tested
(1) In vitro test
(2) Clinical study conducted on 21 women immediately after application
(3) Clinical study conducted on 16 women and 3 men after 28 days of use
(4) Clinical study conducted on 15 women and 5 men after 28 days of use
(5) Satisfaction study conducted on 72 women and 32 men age 27-66 after 28 days of use

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