Essence Anti Age Global Correction 50ML

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Essence Anti Age Global Correction in Pakistan Immediately, the texture of the skin is refined, the skin smooth and shiny.
Built with Liquorice with glowing properties, * Supra Essence exudes color.

• Every day, wrinkles appear thinner, skin firmer and even in color.
• In 1 month, the skin is removed and rejuvenated.

Its +: Extensive serum-essence texture that creates ultra-fluid.

Our Commitment:
• 96% ingredients from natural ingredients
• Free mineral oil
• Reusable glass bottle, cardboard from forest treated continuously

1.7 fl.oz. / 50 ml

* Check in vitro

With Botanical Bud Nectar - 3 registered patents in France - 100% natural domain.

Skin-tested formula

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