Midi full action mascara 5ml

SKU: 84886


Metamorphize your eyes!

The Intense Metamorphosis mascara is uncompromising, giving you extremely voluminous, curly and long lashes that last 24 hours.

Its hourglass-shaped fiber brush is intuitive, soft and easy to use, coating each individual lash from the inner to outer corner of your eye, guaranteeing blacker than black lashes with breathtaking volume for an intense look.

Its formula contains 88% ingredients of natural origin, has been carefully concocted in our laboratories and is rich in nourishing Castor oil and Cornflower water, which is gentle on sensitive eyes and contact lense wearers.

Its intense color is naturally black thanks to the Botanical Charcoal it contains.

How to use:
1. Place the mascara brush at the base of the lashes and stroke upwards in a lightly zig-zag motion
2. Apply a second layer by rolling the brush from the base to the tip of the lashes, focusing on the ends in particular to amplify the intense black color and give a multi-dimensional effect.
3. Repeat the process to achieve breathtakingly voluminous lashes.

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